COPCO’s hand wash & santitizer packs

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With the enduring and profound impact of COVID-19 upon our lives, in order to stay safe, people have been heavily focused on cleaning and disinfecting their living spaces to fight off germs and bacteria in addition to forming good habits of washing hands frequently.

As a professional packaging supplier, COPCO has launched a collection of excellent-quality PET bottles, which are ideal for sanitizing products, such as waterless hand disinfection products and foaming hand wash.

COPCO offers the PET bottles in sizes from 30ml to 300ml, with multiple closure options provided including lotion pumps, foaming pumps, mist sprayers and flip caps, to suit different formulation types.

COPCO also offers all kinds of decoration services, including coloring, silkscreen print and hot stamping etc, to make your brand stand out on the shelf.

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