COPCO's refillable airless bottles

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Refill is a great concept for sustainable packaging as a major part of the package can be reused, thus greatly reducing the consumption of one-time-use plastics, with no need to compromise on functionality or aesthetics.

COPCO has already launched refillable jars which have received excellent feedback from the market, and today a new refill pack has been added into the family - a refillable airless bottle.

Features of COPCO's refillable airless bottle

  • Compared to traditional airless, this model could save up to 75% of material from going to landfill.
  • Fully manufactured from recyclable materials. Traditional airless applies a large amount of SAN to make the clear bottle and cap, but regretfully this material is un-recyclable. In this refillable airless, the bottle and cap have been upgraded to PET material, which keeps the aesthetics of the pack and also makes it eco-friendly.
  • The refill bottle comes with a good cap which ensures good protection of the product.
  • The collection is available in 2 popular sizes: 30ml and 50ml, both with a dosage of 0.23ml.

All kinds of decoration options are offered as always to ensure a unique and captivating finished product. Contact us now to know more!

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