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Sustainability is a hot topic in the packaging field. To satisfy this demand, as an innovative packaging supplier for the skincare and cosmetic industries, COPCO Packaging has launched a series of all-plastic pumps, that are both functional and consumer-friendly, as well as fitting the circular economy.

Conventional pumps often contain multiple materials and are not easy to disassemble, which can make these pumps difficult to recycle. In contrast, at COPCO, our all-plastic pumps can be recycled.

Made from PP & PE or 100% PE, these all-plastic pumps have been designed so that they can be easily sorted and recycled along with other plastic products.

All-plastic pump specifications

Neck sizes: available in 24/410, 28/410 and 33/410.
Output: 1.5cc, 2.0cc and 4.0cc
Locking: Left-right lock or clip lock
Closure: Ribbed or Smooth
Applications: serum, essence, lotion, gel, body soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

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