Sunscreen tottles in 35ml and 50ml

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Demand for sun screen packaging is on the rise as summer comes into the northern hemisphere. And COPCO would like to very proudly announce its launch of a new shaped, trendy tottle with a rounded silhouette which looks graceful and is comfortable to hold.

It's a new member of our extended sun protection family!

The tottle comes in 2 sizes, 35ml and 50ml, the most popular sizes for sun protection products. A pointy orifice reducer and a straight-edged cap complete the pack.

Features of the pack:

1. Sustainability: The tottle is made from PE and the cap from PP, and both are available in PCR material
2. Compatibility: The tottle could be made in different layers, with or without a barrier, according to the requirements of your formulation.

All kinds of decoration options are available in COPCO from coloring and silk screen print to a metalized cap.

Would you like to see more of our sun product packs? Feel free to contact our sales representatives now!

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