COPCO’s mono-material pump made entirely from PE

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Most of the plastic pumps on market are made from 2 materials, PP and PE, which eliminate both the metal spring and glass ball and improve the recyclability of pumps substantially. While most customers are happy with this, there are still customers that require more and want pumps made from ONE material to further simplify the process of recycling and increase recyclability.

To respond to this requirement, COPCO would like to proudly debut its first one-material pump, which is made entirely from PE resin. It not only makes recycling easier than ever as it is fully recyclable but also increases the purity of the PCR-PE pellets by reducing other materials.

The pump is available in neck size 28/410 with a dosage of 2ccm, and it can be colored freely in any shade. It’s suitable for most cleaning products from hand wash to dish washing detergent and disinfectant, as well as personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Free samples are available. Contact us and get yours!

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