COPCO presents its all-PE airless tube

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Completely manufactured in a single material, COPCO presents its all-PE airless tube. The mono-material tube benefits from less residue because of its special structure and is easy to recycle following use.

The 25mm tube is ideal for cosmetic fluids, available for tubes of 15-50ml capacity, and the pump discharges 0.3±0.03ml at each actuation.

As an added benefit, COPCO offers its all-PE airless tube in PCR material too.

Key features:

  • All parts are made of PE, including airless pump spring
  • Mono-material, easy recycling
  • Less residue because of the special structure
  • Tube dia. 25mm, for 15~50ml filling
  • Pump Discharge rate: 0.3±0.03ml/Time
  • PCR is available

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