COPCO's 35ml PET bottle is small yet mighty

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With its handy 77mm height, COPCO's thick wall 35ml PET bottle fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, yet packs a visual punch.

This cosmetic bottle is absolutely perfect for serum or light, creamy facial treatments as well as premium cosmetic and skincare formulations.

The bottle features a standard 20/410 neck size, easily compatible with droppers or oil pumps for convenient product application.

COPCO provides a range of decoration options to style the bottle up further, from color spraying, to metallization, gradient colors and finishes in gloss, matter or a soft touch. The same size bottle can also be produced with a lighter preform and a capacity of 50-60ml.

Full specifications:

  • Product reference: #0102272-35
  • Bottle capacity: 35ml
  • Bottle height: 77.75mm
  • Bottle diameter: 38.3m
  • Neck size: 20/410
  • Neck height: 12.5mm
  • Preform weight: 37±1g

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