COPCO's 30ml PET airless bottle with kokura

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COPCO's latest packaging launch is a 30ml PET airless bottle featuring a kokura, making it ideal for cosmetic formulations.

Both the cap and bottle parts are manufactured from recyclable PET to ensure that the material can be reused in a brand new form. When the cap is removed, a stylish pump is featured that is attached the kokura chamber. The kokura is outside of the pump housing to ensure the integrity of the formulation until the consumer is ready to use the product.

The kokura benefits from a 3.7ml capacity that can hold either powder or oil which is released into the airless bottle when the consumer activates the pump for the first time. The consumer then simply shakes the bottle to mix the complete formulation so that it is ready for use and dispensed by the pump when next activated.

Product features:

  • Product reference: #0105264-30
  • Kokura OFC: 3.7±0.2ml
  • Airless bottle OFC: 36.9±1.0ml
  • Bottle material: PET
  • Cap material: PET
  • Pump material: PP (primarily)
  • Pump dosage: 0.23±0.03ml/T
  • Ideal for cosmetic formulations

Contact COPCO directly to learn more about the 30ml PET airless bottle with kokura, reference #0105264-30, in addition to available decoration options for the pack.

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