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COPCO has introduced 2 brand new tottles into its packaging portfolio ready for the summer season. Their design is simple and classic, yet the soft and smooth lines of these circular tottles are absolutely striking and offer a large surface for decoration.

Both of COPCO's new tottles benefit from a weight of 9g and a 50ml capacity, offering a front-on circular appearance with plenty of space for decoration in a range of techniques. Manufactured in PE, customer can choose between either a slightly taller and narrower option #02012155, or the slightly shorter and wider round-like tottle #02012153.

The tottles are idea for sunscreen as well as other creamy skincare formulations.

View full specifications in COPCO's product catalog:

To discover more about these tottles, or any of COPCO's other packaging options, explore the product catalog, or contact COPCO.

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