COPCO's complete fragrance bottle set

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As part of its excellent customer service, COPCO offers complete packs to its global clientele so that brands can source their entire pack from one single source: COPCO Packaging. A perfect example of this is COPCO's glass perfume bottle set.

COPCO's glass fragrance bottle is manufactured with a capacity of 30ml in a popular classic cylindrical shape with flat shoulders so that the bottle lends itself to any fragrance.

Benefiting from a heavy base, the perfume pack is completed by COPCO with a choice of 3 closure shapes that can be decorated to change the look of the complete pack.

Perfume cap choices

  • Cylindrical with flat top
  • Ball-shaped
  • Square with soft corners

Whichever perfume cap is chosen to finish off the perfume bottle set, COPCO can provide the closure in a molded color, or decorated with a metallized finish. The bottle can also be decorated with a frosted finish, color spray or lacquer, silk-screen and hot-stamp print options to create a custom look.

Full details for COPCO's 30ml glass fragrance bottle can be found in the company's product catalog. Alternatively, contact Copco directly with your inquiry.

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