Eco-Friendly Deodorant Sticks Containers in Different Styles

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Cosfinity has created sustainable Deodorant Stick Containers for the personal care market, in different sizes, colors, styles and material combinations to suit individual preferences and requirements.


Cosfinity has created different models using recyclable PP and AS material including the 50g TP01-1005 that uses an oval shape design. The oval shape fits perfectly for deodorant as it allows for a wider section of the underarm to be covered in one singular motion.

TP01-1001 has been designed with a cylindrical shape making the pack compatible with deodorant sticks and facial treatments alike. This twist up container comes with an extra level of protection with a cap and extra cover that sits directly on top of the product. This extra layer further protects the product from outside contamination.


TP01-1007 75g model is another of Cosfinity’s thoughtfully designed oval-shaped deodorant stick containers, however this time it is produced using PP PETG which can be easily recycled using chemicals back into raw materials for reuse, bringing us a step closer to a circular economy.

The TP01-1008 model fosters an entirely different ergonomic shape, where the bottle shape is formed with a curvature to support your hands’ natural grip during use. The new wider shape also opens up opportunities and space for more impactful decoration and branding.

For even more deodorant container designs or more information on eco-friendly packs, contact Cosfinity

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For a compact with a touch of class see Cosfinity’s CP03-2486 which uses numerous design techniques to give your cosmetic product a high-end edge. The outer casing is manufactured in thick transparent plastic, mimicking glass for a luxury look and weighted tactile feel. This is then combined with rose gold accents and a godet that can be seen from the outside. The glass and metal-like features glimmer in the lighting and showcase your item elegantly on the shelves and in consumers' homes.

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Cosmetic pens are a stylish and functional choice for the application of products. The fine tip and familiar ergonomic pen shape allows for precision, and with the applicator attached to the formula, product waste is decreased, allowing users to use it only as and when needed.   Cosfinity's CP06-2028 model is an elegant design for cosmetic pens, suitable for products such as lip liners, eyeliner and eyebrow cosmetics. Add a touch a luxury to your makeup kits with a choice of pink or silver sparkle pair with metallic accents.

The Infinity of Cosmetics, Cosfinity, at Cosmoprof Bologna 2024

From the 21st to the 23rd of March at the Bologna Fair District you can find the Cosfinity team at Pavilion 18, Booth number H4. Known for its wide array of styles and comprehensive collection of cosmetic packaging, Cosfinity offers lipsticks, compacts, lip glosses, mascaras, cosmetic pens, cosmetic pencils, powder jars, foundations bottles and dropper bottles to name a few. With creative designs and practical functions, Cosfinity is the ideal partner to support your product.

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The CP02-3228 adds a twist to the classic square cosmetic container by editing out two corners to create an artful and sculptural design element to the packaging.  With a highly functional overall design, users can easily benefit from the grip of the cubical container and cap to open with ease. The edge of the bottle and cap help protect the inner formula as users have more guidance to fully secure the pack, reducing unwanted reactions and waste.

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The CP01-1143 and the CP01-1145 mini lipsticks have been specially designed to marry elegance and convenience, with a smooth modern case shape adapted into a portable size. The packs can easily slip into the smallest of bags and make-up kits, while also having the function of standing up straight on its flat base, poised and ready for use. Available in 2 different styles, the mini lipstick can use a smooth matt case for a professional look or a gold metalized finish for a more luxury feel.

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