Refreshing Lip Gloss Packaging

  • Cosfinity

For a hot summer, choose cosmetic packaging that makes you thirsty!

Over at Cosfinity, the design team has created lipgloss packaging to appeal to your senses through expert use of color, shape and light. 

The CP02-1337 complete lipgloss pack has been inspired by the cool glasses of orange and lemonade that quench our thirst on scorching days, by incorporating a citrus palette in combination with clear, transparent packaging.

There is also the option to create family lines of products with the CP02-1340, a taller style tube with berry and grape translucent coloring. 

The hydrating visuals of the pack have the potential to enhance your product's identity as a nourishing or moisturizing cosmetic.

For more lip glosses and other cosmetic packaging, visit the catalog or contact Cosfinity 

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The CP01-1143 and the CP01-1145 mini lipsticks have been specially designed to marry elegance and convenience, with a smooth modern case shape adapted into a portable size. The packs can easily slip into the smallest of bags and make-up kits, while also having the function of standing up straight on its flat base, poised and ready for use. Available in 2 different styles, the mini lipstick can use a smooth matt case for a professional look or a gold metalized finish for a more luxury feel.

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