S Pack's ingenious JPN Series breaks away from traditional jar design

S Pack have introduced a new innovative jar design that breaks out of the traditional packaging model.

Their ingenious injection molded JPN Series of jars, designed to package creams for the cosmetic and personal care markets, are designed to maximise the appearance of capacity while also saving resources. These double-walled jars contain a smaller internal space within the outer packaging that provides an economic option for cosmetic suppliers.

The bottom panel of the jar can be removed, to expose the inner space, or secured to maintain the appearance of increased capacity. The rounded shape of the inner jar means that customers can use the product more easily and comfortably.

The jars come in four capacities: 30ml, 50ml, 80ml, and 100ml, all of which are made of PP except the JP80N which presents the option of an ABS cap. 

S Pack JPN Series specifications:

Product Volume Diameter Height Cap Jar Jar Bottom Panel
JP30N 30ml 54.8mm 37mm PP PP PP
JP50N 50ml 60.6mm 40.7mm PP PP PP
JP80N 80ml 73.5mm 39.8mm ABS PP PP
JP100N 100ml 76.4mm 43.2mm PP PP PP

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