S Pack's JSB Series: Crafted with natural material

S Pack is renowned for its emphasis on quality craftmanship in its product manufacturing. The Taiwanese company's latest line of products, the JSB Series, combines the natural beauty of bamboo with glass for a stylish and natural pack.

Glass packs always been popular for cosmetic packaging, particularly for brands wanting to make a bold statement, taking advantage of the thick stability of the material for a strong shelf presence.

As natural material is being explored by the industry for packaging, bamboo is proving to be one of the most popular, not in the least because its incredibly fast growth rate makes it a highly sustainable option.

S Pack's expertise in product craftmanship allows the natural beauty of the wood to be appreciated in the finished product whereby every product is unique, whilst ensuring that it is the strongest parts of the material which are utilized. The quality inspection implemented by S Pack ensures that the original fragrance of the bamboo is maintained, strengthening the emotional connection of the consumer with the product.

"Our new JSB jar line benefits a finished look that blends two natural materials. Every bamboo cap is unique as the natural beauty of the material is leveraged and the warm, strength of the wood, complements the hardiness of the glass. The finished combination is a blend that stimulates the senses."

JSB Series specifications:

Ref # Capacity Bamboo cap size Cap inner Glass jar size Pack weight Disk
JS5B 5g Φ41.6 H14.3mm - Φ42.5 H22.5mm 31.8g -
JS15B 15g Φ47.3 H16.3mm PP Φ47.5 H37.2mm 43.4g PP
JS30B 30g Φ61.4 H16.4mm PP Φ61 H38mm 87.9g PP
JS50B 50g Φ61.4 H16.4mm PP Φ61 H46mm 103g PP
JS100B 100g Φ80.6 H18.4mm PP Φ81 H48mm 168.5g PP

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