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    The Inno BRUSH 2015: the stick brush LANCÔME

    • Cosmogen
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    A COSMOGEN & LANCÔME innovation for a perfect complexion.

    This brush that has been co-developed by COSMOGEN and LANCÔME is the leading accessory for a perfect complexion.

    It is technically faultless and ergonomic and follows us everywhere thanks to its ingenious concept made of a rotary mechanism with a retractable tuft. The metal case with powdery effect, protects and keeps intact the application properties of the beveled and silky tuft. Note the ability to control the tuft height according to the type of application. Actually, the length of the hair determines the style of coverage. The brush has been designed for foundation application:

    • Short hair: high coverage, to cover imperfections
    • Long hair: light coverage, to stretch the formula all over the face

    The retractable brush was designed for LANCÔME's fluid foundation

    Technical specifications:

    • Silky synthetic fiber, PBT, 2-color tapered bristles
    • A symmetrical and beveled tuft
    • Decoration: metal
    • Cap: metal
    • Rotary operating mechanism

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