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Since 1975, Covit has specialized in the production of aluminium components for products such as high-end perfumes and cosmetics which require both high accuracy and functionality. The company's focus is always on quality and service.

"... Global Solutions for fragrance and cosmetic packaging History Covit: Origins 1857 Fortiá Bofill installs the first hardware and plumbing workshop in Torelló. He completes various repair projects with regard to the construction of tools and pots. He soon becomes a recognized craftsman. 1860 The rise of the textile industry in the region, thanks to the strength of the currents of the river Ter, creates a greater demand for lathing, a traditional activity. Bofill invents the first metal ferrules to prevent wear, extending the life of these wooden parts. 1890 Bofill builds the first Bridge System Press to facilitate drawing and cutting operations. This signifies an important leap in effectiveness and permits regular mass production. 1907 Another decisive breakthrough: Bofill buys a German Wheel Press, equipped with an electric motor. Its transmission is used to operate the first machine, built by him, to cut the edge of the ferrules and fold them by using a pedal. 1910 Fou..."

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