Aluminium Anodizing - Covit - Global Solutions for the perfume and cosmetic packaging.


A full automatic high-performance anodizing line with the latest technology available in the market.

"... Aluminium Anodizing The Anodizing process of our pieces has two objectives: Covit has:   The process consists of different phases: 1- Degreasing of pieces The removal of oil from the drawing process. 2- Chemical or electrolytic polishing This process consists of levelling the aluminium surface structure aluminum to obtain a mirror surface where the reflected light is maximized and therefore achieves the highest brilliance. The process can be obtained through the chemical reaction of inorganic acids called chemical polishing or by an electrochemical reaction of inorganic acids called electrochemical polishing. 3- Satin or matt finishes Different from phase 2, when a matt or satin finish is desired on the pieces. The surface is attacked by alkaline or other substances that give a rough finish to the surface so that light is reflected diffusely. Through modifying several variables of the bath treatment, various degrees of matt finishes can be obtained. 4- Oxid..."

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