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    While other dual wall cosmetic jars usually feature a simple-shaped well for creams or balms, CPL has made a striking feature of the inner PP jar by transforming it into a diamond shape which looks as stunning on the shelf as it does on the bedside table. As fashion continues to support the trend for sparkle and brilliance, CPL's diamond jar takes an alternative direction by focusing on the allure of the diamond's shape rather than its shine.

    The diamond jars from CPL are currently available in two volumes so the consumer can choose between diamond sizes:

    • Capacity options: 15g (H.: 63mm, Dia. 58mm) / 50g (H.: 90mm, Dia. 82mm)
    • Outer material for jar and cap: acrylic
    • Inner material for jar and cap: PP
    • Decoration options: silk screen printing, inner painting
    • Packaging application: skin care and facial cream
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