Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit in Paris 2015

The aim of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit is to advance sustainability in the detergents industry by debating key issues in a high-level forum. The summit tackles some of the major sustainability issues in the cleaning products industry. How can brands replace synthetic chemicals in their product formulations? What advances in green surfactants? What are the sustainability certification options for finished products? What can be done to encourage responsible use and sustainable purchases of cleaning products? Such questions are addressed at the summit.

The summit brings together key stake-holders in the cleaning products industry, including home care brand owners, manufacturers, ingredient & chemical firms, retailers & distributors, industry organisations & certification agencies, researchers & academics, investors, etc.

Summit Themes

The premier summit comprised a conference programme followed by two interactive workshops...

  • Session One: Sustainability & Marketing Update
  • Session Two: Green Formulations
  • Workshop I: Advances in Green Surfactants & Emulsifiers
  • Workshop II: Reducing Environmental Impacts

The summit materials (including seminar proceedings and workshop packs) are now available for a professional fee. Click here for further details.

Who Should Attend?

The Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit is devised for key stake-holders in the cleaning industry that include:

  • Home care brand owners & manufacturers
  • Chemical, raw material & ingredient companies
  • Retailers & distributors
  • Packaging companies
  • Certification & inspection agencies
  • Industry organisations
  • Academics, researchers & consultants
  • Investors & financiers
  • Other stake-holders


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