Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Hong Kong 2016

The Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will discuss the future role of ethical labels, green ingredients, and sustainable packaging. Organised by Organic Monitor, the summit will be hosted in Hong Kong on 14-15th November.

The mushrooming number of ethical labels on cosmetics & personal care products raises many questions: apart from natural & organic, what other labels are becoming popular? With Asia housing over 1 billion Muslim consumers, how can brands get the Halal label on their products? A dedicated workshop will discuss the future outlook for ethical labels in the cosmetics industry. An update will be given on the upcoming ISO standard for natural & organic cosmetics, as well as new labels such as fair trade, gluten-free, etc. Which labels are likely to make most inroads in the Asian market?

High levels of pollution in Asian cities are leading to concerns about skin health. Alain Khaiat from Seers Consulting will discuss the emergence of anti-pollution skincare ingredients. J. Rettenmaier & Soehne will give details of its green exfoliant range, especially as many brands are removing microbead plastics from their formulations. Another seminar will look at natural ingredients from the UNESCO world heritage site of Jeju Island in South Korea. Other topics in the green ingredients session include premium organic cosmetics, formulating with food ingredients, and sustainability of raw materials.

Since 2009, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit has been covering sustainability issues in the cosmetic & personal care industry. The international series of summits now takes place in the major geographic regions of the world. The Asia-Pacific edition will be hosted at the Excelsior Hong Kong on 14-15th November 2016.


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