Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit

The second North American edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit will take place in New York City on 11-12th July 2019. The executive summit will showcase major sustainability developments in the detergent & cleaning product industries. 

What bio-based surfactants are making their way into detergents & cleaning products? How do they compare with conventional surfactants? How is the palette of green raw materials evolving for cleaning products? What developments in sustainable feedstock and green fragrances? How are brands addressing their impacts? What green innovations are occurring? Such questions will be answered in this North American edition.


11 July

08.30am: Registration

09:00am - 06:00pm: Sustainability Developments and Green Ingredients Update.

06:00pm - 07:00pm: Networking Drinks reception

12 July

09:00 am - 12:30pm: Training Workshop: Advances in Bio-Based Surfactants.

To receive the detailed agenda e-mail us at

Important: Summit fees are non-refundable however substitutions can be made at any time.


Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8567 0788 Province: New York Country: United States

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