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Set Trends with Element's Beauty Sticks

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Beauty sticks have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their convenience and effectiveness. New cosmetic products often come in the form of solid bars and are designed to provide targeted skincare benefits or makeup applications. They're favored for their portability, mess-free application, multitasking capabilities, and the lack of potable water used during production is particularly sought after by the ever-growing eco-conscious population.

Are you craving beauty sticks as well?

You are not alone! New makeup sticks from popular brands around the globe have skyrocketed at launch - and for good reason; they are super fun to experience and addictive! They are also super sustainable because they can be mono-material, fully recyclable, refillable, and showcase that you do not need to waste water to maintain a proper skincare routine.

Be it retinol serums, jelly blushes, moisturizing balms, firming serums, night repair ampoule balms, or smooth sunscreen, every brand wants to create its own staple stick.

Full Service

Thanks to Element's lab based in South Korea and the company's full service for packaging and branding, the team can develop your next custom sticks in less time than it takes you to create the buzz:

  • Smooth development process
  • Fast to market (as short as 3 months and up to 6 months for unique designs)
  • Mono-material for DfR (Design for Recycling)
  • Refillable option for better sustainability

Wanna develop your own beauty sticks? Get in touch!

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