Element Brings Forth a New Era of Hair Care Packaging

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Skinification of hair is the growing trend of treating hair care in a manner similar to skincare. This approach emphasizes using products and routines designed to nourish and protect the hair and scalp, just as skincare routines focus on the health and appearance of the skin. This concept has started dictating how consumers choose a product over another, as they intuitively look for intuitive packaging and dispensers that help them improve the application of premium formulas directly on the scalp.

Naturally, more and more hair care brands are offering scalp treatments as well as hair serums and nourishing formulas. Catering to this trend, Element Beauty Group is developing augmented packaging with custom applicators to enhance consumers' experience for:

  • Targeted treatment application
  • Unique delivery control
  • Improved coverage and performance

Thanks to intuitive and effective packaging design, Element can provide custom solutions that allow formulas to flow easily with directional fluidity, including:

  • The unique “Delta Flow” design for targeted coverage 
  • Hybrid rollerball technology
  • Removable TPE tip with soft, flexible cones that separate and help to evenly distribute the formula
  • Sustainable packs designed for recycling and reuse: mono-material packs, refillable options, reusable applicators, and End of Life (EOL) sustainable considerations (recyclable)

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