Eurobox Premium Metal Packaging is specialized in the production of superior metal packaging for the food, beverage, tobacco, perfume and cosmetic sectors.

After detecting an opportunity in the sector for a medium-high level of metal packaging, Eurobox was launched in 1997 to conquer the market with the objective of offering a high quality customized product.

Customer Service

Our service is based on the proactiveness of offering tailor-made solutions to exceed client expectations. As manufacturers, we provide every possible solution with the aim of working in line with the marketing objectives of our clients.

Customized Projects

Each brand’s identity allows us to create different products which are creative, meet customer objectives and take advantage of the latest technology.


Production in Spain and China

At Eurobox we offer two lines of business:

The “made in Spain” production model is for demanding clients who want a technical product with special finishes that are unique in the market and created exclusively by Eurobox, or those clients with campaigns that demand a quick response to be sent to any European country.

With automated production, we can manufacture large quantities and this is our speciality.

The “made in China” production model offers options which are more flexible and in standard formats which the client can plan in terms of time. This business option is particularly suitable for reduced production runs.


Since the company was founded we have worked to a clear proposition: to provide our clients with safety, from the purchase of raw materials to the varnishes used. All processes are subject to strict controls in compliance with food industry directives.

Our Client Profiles

We work with large multinationals with a presence in all markets that want to launch a special container on the market each year to distinguish themselves from their competitors, to SMEs that want to give added value to their product by means of metal packaging and in more reduced quantities.