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    Faca Packaging

    Faca Packaging

    Faca Packaging, with the history background of over 50 years is the worldwide leader in design and production of high-end plastic packaging and exclusive packaging for cosmetic products.

    The key of our success is a big investment in R+ D +I , with over 300 active patents, using a continuos innovation system, with the centre of our production 100 % in the clean room and strict application of ISO 9001:2015.

    Our company is in the process of constant evolution , oriented towards the customer , with a carefully selected , caring human staff , and with the goal to satisfy customer's needs and offer solutions to the market.

    We are proud to be one of the first companies in the world that produces a high end plastic jar.

    Our mission

    Satisfy our customer’s needs by offering a unique solution in terms of cost , quality and lead time by an absolute devotion of our staff.

    Our challenge is to make any request of our customers – a reality. Turning the impossible into possible – this is our goal.

    Our staff

    We count on the best human team to reach the best results.
    Talent, creativity, technique and commitment, together with knowledge and experience make our company the leader in innovation.

    Our customers

    Our client database is represented by the most known brands and trade marks in the cosmetic sector, both in Spain and world-wide, selling to over 100 countries.

    The percentage of export of our products goes beyond 80 %, and our primary goal – our customer’s satisfaction.

    Our products

    We offer the widest range and variety of products on the market.

    Our R+ D allow us to make all sorts of combinations in the product, with the possibility to extend our catalogue to infinity.

    We work with all plastic resins, of any type, and our mould department takes care of giving the shape and reality to any exclusive design of our customers.