The elegant Slide Blow line, just launched by FS Korea

  • F.S.Korea Industries, Inc.

FS Korea, one of the Asian region's primary sources for unique and progressive packaging concepts, has just released a new bottle and dispenser combination item that eliminates the need for overcaps and other subsidiary closure toppers. The Slide Blow line offers a far more elegant silhouette than other solutions with assorted caps, flips tops, and such.

The Slide Blow line is easy to use and requires very little effort to actuate. The extended top features a thick neck to offer stability to the overall packaging as well as offering consumers a more solid feel when dispensing a cream or gel. The material used in creating the Slide Blow line (sturdy PETG) is highly compatible with a number of products, including all sorts of personal care and luxury beauty items.

Another great feature of the closure is its ability to slide open and closed, actuated by only one of the consumer's fingers. By simply pushing the top forward, the closure is prepared to dispense. Sliding it back locks it so that product can't be dispensed. It also shuts of the dispensing conduit so that the product doesn't dry out, eliminating crusty residue.

The smooth dispensing strokes of the system make it a safe bet for offering consumers the best experience possible while at home or on the move. The body of the container offers a good heft to it, making it ideal to offer as a masstige or luxury item where consumers expect to feel a good, solid item at their disposal.

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