The new Concel Pore combo dispenser/brush

  • F.S.Korea Industries, Inc.

FS Korea has once again released an item that clearly demonstrates why the firm is taking the cosmetic packaging sector by storm. Of late, the company has been focusing on delivery methods for cosmetic items, including the new Conceal Pore brush, a great idea that offers consumers a means to dispense foundation directly into an applicator brush without having to touch the actual fluid.

Rather than use the product and brush separately, the brush tube allows the consumer to use the product simply and quickly. The product is housed in a tube for liquid make up with a high density brush attached to the top. This brush is very densely packed with bristle which is remarkably soft and the silky brush hairs provide a pleasurable tactile sensation. The bristles reach and cover every pore smoothly. Unlike a sponge, it is easy to wash product out of the brush after use and it still works really well after being cleaned and dried.

Moreover, consumers never have to worry about the liquid leaking in a purse, due to the tube being inadvertently squeezed out while in transit. When the cap is closed, the cap also presses the brush portion down and it seals off the aperture through which the product is dispensed.

To get the product of this tube, the consumer only has to open the cap and squeeze the tube!

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