The launch of the All-Round airless compact

  • F.S.Korea Industries, Inc.

The benefits of airless packaging are pretty obvious, and have become a part of the packaging landscape. One of the biggest concepts to emerge in the last few years is that of the airless compact, which combines the features of airless packaging with a common cosmetic concept to offer an upscale product and packaging combination consumers really go for. FS Korea, one of the Asian region's most forward thinking suppliers of advanced packaging concepts, has taken the concept of the airless compact and redesigned it to make it more efficient and useful for a number of cosmetic applications.

Most airless compacts produced up to now have offered the standard design of an airless container: a simple reservoir and one point dispensing system that controls the amount of air that gets into the product area. Dispensing, therefore, has been a question of pushing down on the open compact's surface in order to dispense a dollop of product into the centre of the circular compact top. This has been used thus far mostly for thick liquid products, especially foundations. The issues is, foundation requires spreading over a large surface area and using an airless compact to do so, dollop by dollop, has proven to be time-consuming and less efficient than it could be.

The new airless compact design by FS Korea, however, offers dispensing through numerous aperture's in the compact top to enable the consumer to take a pad and have it prepared for use instantly. Each aperture dispenses a small amount, such that when all are used in tandem, the pad will be fully prepared to cover the desired are perfectly with an appropriate amount of product, without having to go back and re-apply the foundation, dollop by dollop.

The use of a number of dispensing apertures supports a number of products, from low viscosity treatments all the way up to highly viscous and rich foundations. By expanding the number of dispensing apertures available, FS Korea has provided consumers with a quicker and better way to apply formulations that require extensive coverage.

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