FS Korea Releases Sustainable Zero Glue Brush

  • F.S.Korea Industries, Inc.

Traditional makeup brushes use chemical glues to attach the hair, aluminum parts (the ferrule), and the wooden handle together. FS Korea has developed a new, chemical free way to produce a top-quality cosmetic brush that still stays intact and working for consumers.

FS Korea is a leader in brush technology. The company knew there must be a more eco-friendly way to produce high-quality brushes while keeping both consumers and workers safe.

So, FS KOREA developed the new, sustainable ZERO GLUE BRUSH.

By not using any chemical glues in the creation of this chic brush set, FS Korea is able to reduce the release of by-products from chemical glue.

The brush set is available in a variety of different uses, from a wide, flat foundation brush to a short and angled brush ideal for eyeliners and shadows. Have the brushes labelled with your branding to make them your own.

In addition, there was no need for any animal testing to verfiy that the new Glue Zero Brush works just as its intended.

FS Korea develops innovative brushes and cosmetic components. Contact FS Korea today to see how they can help develop your cosmetic line.

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