The Revolutionary GOBRUSH- Easy to Disassemble, Recycle, and Customize

  • F.S.Korea Industries, Inc.

The GOBRUSH has revolutionized notoriously difficult-to-recycle cosmetic brushes. With FS Korea’s patent-pending design, the GOBRUSH is easy to disassemble so that its components can be recycled and disposed of properly.

Glue Zero

Chemical glue makes it too difficult for consumers to disassemble brushes. The Go Brush uses Glue Zero technology. These brushes never use any chemical glue. This also helps to protect workers and makes some product parts reusable


In addition to finally launching cosmetic brushes into the circular economy, the Go Brush allows customization to fit any product’s needs. Consumers can create their own makeup brush by mixing and matching options. It’s fun to choose your preferred color, material, and size for the brush’s handle, ferrule, brush shape, and hair.

Brush of the Day

Consumers want options for their morning makeup routine. The Go Brush makes it easy for users to pick and choose the type of hair type, brush shape, and handle anytime they want. 

GOBRUSH Recycling of Separate Cosmetic Brush Components

One of the biggest deterrents of wide-scale recycling in packaging is the use of mixed-materials. For a cosmetic brush, a mono-material solution is not feasible.

The Go Brush fixes this issue by being easy to dismantle and separate all parts. The easiest way to teach consumers how to disassemble the brush is to have them assemble it by themselves before its first use. With that first-hand knowledge, it will be easy for consumers to take apart the brush when they are finished with it.

Consumers can then put non-recyclable parts in the trash, recycle others. The aluminum outer ferrule is highly recyclable, as well as the handle and inner ferrule (inner ferrule: PP/ handle: SAN). Consumers can also reuse the handles with new brushes. Consumers can choose wood or plastic for the brush’s handle, changing the endlife of the brush.

Contact FS Korea to learn more about its innovative brush packaging solutions.

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