FS Korea's Auto-loading Dropper

  • F.S.Korea Industries, Inc.

FS Korea releases the ADR1 LN Auto-loading dropper. The dropper features an elegant and clean design with the option of both automatic or manual loading.

As you open the bottle, the dropper’s innovative mechanism automatically fills the pipette as the cap is turned. Once the pipette is out of the bottle, the product is dispensed by the pressing of the button that is incorporated into the top of the cap. This enhances the end users’ experience, streamlining their skincare routine.

The dropper’s design is sophisticated while also allowing ample room for branding and labeling.

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The benefits of airless packaging are pretty obvious, and have become a part of the packaging landscape. One of the biggest concepts to emerge in the last few years is that of the airless compact, which combines the features of airless packaging with a common cosmetic concept to offer an upscale product and packaging combination consumers really go for. FS Korea, one of the Asian region's most forward thinking suppliers of advanced packaging concepts, has taken the concept of the airless compact and redesigned it to make it more efficient and useful for a number of cosmetic applications.

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