Squeezable All PP Dropper

  • F.S.Korea Industries, Inc.

FS Korea develops sustainable ways to package and deliver skincare and cosmetic products.

The PPDR B16-1008 is the Squeezable All PP Dropper package that offers convenient one-handed dispensing in an easily recyclable pack.

Compared to traditional droppers, The Squeezable All PP Dropper comes in a more portable slim pen-shaped design, smoothly fitting into travel luggage and skincare kits.

By using PP, the pack is much less fragile than glass bottles, with a reduced risk of shattering during transport.

The flexibility of the tube body not only creates a secure pack, but also gives consumers more control over dispensing, by allowing a squeezing motion to encourage the formula.

In the absence of a pipette, end users can obtain the final drops by combining gravity and the squeezable force, tipping the entire back upside down.

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