FSKOREA's GOBRUSH STORY- The Recyclable Cosmetic Brush

  • F.S.Korea Industries, Inc.

The GOBRUSH has revolutionized notoriously difficult-to-recycle cosmetic brushes. With FS Korea’s patent-pending design, the GOBRUSH is easy to disassemble so that its components can be recycled and disposed of properly.

The Go Brush fixes this issue by being easy to dismantle and separate all parts. The easiest way to teach consumers how to disassemble the brush is to have them assemble it by themselves before its first use. With that first-hand knowledge, it will be easy for consumers to take apart the brush when they are finished with it.

Consumers can then put non-recyclable parts in the trash, recycle others (like the aluminum outer ferrule), and even reusing other components. FS Korea is also able to use both plastic and wood for the brush’s handle based on its structure, changing the endlife of the brush.

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