FST Dispensers Catalog

Whether a thick cream or a less viscous gel, our pumps are designed to handle a range of viscosities. If compatibility is a concern, try our non-contacting system.

All sorts of thinner liquids, including cosmetic oils, are best dispensed with one of our sprayers. We offer sprayers that dispense incredibly fine mist or can tackle high viscosity liquids. We even have a sprayer that can dispense from any angle it's held, even upside down!

Products that are dispensed as foam are gaining popularity in the marketplace. Our small and large foamers both produce rich, creamy foam that consumers love, without propellants or heavy pressurization.

Though common to the home care sector, smaller trigger sprayers are also becoming popular in the personal care sector. Consumers find trigger sprayers easy to use and reliable, and ours are best of breed.

If you're looking to source your packaging solution from one place, we offer a number of bottles you can order with our dispensers. All of our bottles are of the highest quality and fit perfectly with our sprayers, foamers, prumps, and triggers.

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