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Etos returns to FST for natural product line dispensing

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The Etos chain of drug stores has been operating in the Netherlands since 1919, and has been voted the nation's top pharmacy franchise for years. The Botanical Boost line is a contemporary initiative of the company to provide consumers with more natural products, generating an excellent wellness experience. When Etos needed a particular dispenser for the Botanical Boost line, they returned to FST for numerous reasons.

First and foremost, FST was able to provide reliable dispensing that made sure consumers enjoyed a pleasant usage experience at home. This is a vital quality for a dispensed product to have. Consumers tend not to think favourably of products where they've had trouble with the packaging. The dispensing system has to offer usage that is practically unnoticed by the user, in order to minimize barriers to repurchase.

Another important feature that FST brought to the table was the ability to colour-match the dispensing collars and caps to the rest of the packaging, with decoration already selected. The sophisticated and simple metallized collars add a touch of elegance to the line, veering away from the greens and browns normally found on natural products in favour of a more luxurious look.

The line has become a mainstay of Dutch homes, thanks in no small part to the positive experience offered by FST's dispensers!

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