GCC introduces its new cosmetic tool for defining, colouring and styling eyebrow make-up

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Grace Cosmetics Co. has just introduced a handy 3-in-1 cosmetic tool for defining, colouring and styling eyebrow make-up. It is a multi-functional tool yet easy enough for consumers to apply cosmetic products freely.

GCC's 3-in-1 cosmetic tool for eyebrows includes 3 major applications for optimum brow shape, colour and style. A mascara brush is included as a brush for users to comb eyebrow hair upward or unruly hairs into line with the rest of the brow. For definition and colour a triangle pencil is for users to draw necessary lines or dots to define the desired eyebrow shape while a sponge applicator is included for colouring the eyebrows.

The 3-in-1 cosmetic tool is composed of 4 different components in 4 different materials. The tube body made of AS and ABS, and holds the brow pencil while an ABS cap covers the pencil end of the tool. On the opposite end a clear PCTG cap covers the sponge applicator, and a POM hidden tool houses the mascara brush.

The 3-in-1 cosmetic tool for eyebrows can be decorated using standard industry techniques such as hot stamping, silk screen printing and heat foil transfer printing, etc.

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