Love at the First Sight palette

Eyeshadow Palettes Designed to Dazzle, for Picture-Perfect Looks. To be an Instagram-worthy packaging, not only the makeup product to work well, it also had to look good.


Social media has contributed to a sizeable surge in beauty sales, with global sales of colour cosmetics nearing $66 billion last year. The ability to share feedback instantaneously on social media provides a kind of authenticity, it holds brands to account. But to get those reviews, brands must first get the attention.


Inspired by cosmopolitan ideas, Love at the First Sight palette contains multiple shades perfect for eyes or for all over face. 3 different layouts make hands on applications in one minute.

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GCC Packaging customers enjoy a touch of sparkle with the companys new Feel Me palette

GCC Packaging customers enjoy a touch of sparkle with the company's new 'Feel Me' palette

Jewelled adornment is a longstanding method of adding an element of luxury to a packaging product, evoking ideas of glamour and elegance. Major star, Elizabeth Taylor, was certainly no stranger to jewelled accessories, and popular fashion publication, 'Vanity Fair', describes Taylor's only book on the subject, Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry, as 'the winding course of a lifetime loving men intertwined with loving jewelry'. Inspired by the elegance and striking seduction of this celebrated Hollywood actress, GCC Packaging is launching a brand new makeup palette, 'Feel Me', boasting bright colours and rich hues designed to honour Elizabeth Taylor's one of a kind style.

The green life with GCC PKG

The green life with GCC PKG

Sustainable practices become brands’ DNA and the use of recycled content wherever possible is prevailing in the cosmetics industry. Bamboo is an old symbol in Asian culture, and also has been applied in many different life aspects for over 5000 years. In modern beauty society, bamboo has also found its measure, getting into the cosmetics industry as a source of sustainable packaging for natural cosmetics. GCC PKG has developed new jars that combine glass with bamboo for an elegant and environmental friendly solution.

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