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    UCP anticipates new safety regulations for DIY and household packaging

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    UCP, a Global Closure Systems company and Europe's leading supplier of child resistant closures (CRCs) to the household, DIY and garden product sectors, has relaunched its closure range for aggressive products packed in tinplate containers with full accreditation to ISO 8317:2003.

    Whilst the pharmaceutical industry has adopted ISO 8317:2003 the household sector currently still operates the previous standard ISO 28317:1993. Both standards require a minimum of 90% of adults to open and reclose the packs correctly within a prescribed amount of time with the same child resistant performance. The essential difference between the two standards is that ISO 28317:1993 tests adults in the age range 18-65 years whereas ISO 8317:2003 recognizes the need to cater to an aging population by testing adults in the 50-70 years age range only, which makes it significantly more demanding to achieve.

    UCP has tested its 25mm and 40mm Clic-Loc closures on a wide range of oblong tinplate containers. After considerable efforts to find a suitable thermoplastic with acceptable chemical resistance, UCP selected a grade of acetyl to replace the thermoset material, which whilst very effective, was prone to breakage during the capping process. Gaining the improved accreditation at this point was essential as the ISO 8317:2003 standard is expected to be implemented before the final date for REACH regulations in 2015.

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    UCP’s Medi-Loc CRC cap for Duro-Tuss goes down under

    United Closures and Plastics, Norwich is supplying PP28 Medi-Loc®, the leading tamper evident child resistant closure in the UK liquid pharmaceuticals market, to Cinqplast Plastop Australia to cap Duro-Tuss™ cough and cold liquid range for children over 6 years of age and adults. PP28 Medi-Loc is a cost effective and efficient CRC system with integral tamper evidence, which removes the need for an additional sleeving operation after capping.

    ZP Mexico SportGuard® 28 mm 1873 valve dispensing closure fulfils lightweight packaging initiative

    ZP Mexico SportGuard® 28 mm 1873 valve dispensing closure fulfils lightweight packaging initiative

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