Giflor snap on cap 701





    Part of the company's 'Classics' collection, Giflor's 701 snap on cap is an oval mushroom-shaped flip-top cap. With its glossy finish, the 701 is an ideal closure for personal care products.

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    Giflor snap on cap 740

    Giflor snap on cap 740

    The 740 cap is a low profile item that can be used on special bottle forms (like the one depicted) or on bottles that offer enough of a flat top to accomodate the design of the closure. Made of PP, the flip top cap comes to just over 9mm when set. The closure is great for personal care items and cosmetic products, though it can also be used with foodstuffs like sauces or syrups, thanks to its wide orifice. The snap on top makes sure leakages and accidents are a thing of the past.

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