Giflor celebrates category win for Tube of the Year 2021 with Just Colors Eco Low Profile Cap

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Giflor widens its portfolio of lightweight eco-responsible plastic closures for flexible tubes with The Just Colors Eco Low Profile cap that features an edgy design, innovative industrial patents and bi-color options.

The closure has been recognized by the Tube Council and awarded Silver in the category for Innovative Component or Process in the 2021 Tube of the Year competition.

Thanks to the reduction in weight and dimension, the Eco Low Profile collection significantly reduces energy consumption during production and the amount of plastic used (50% less compared to classic closures).  The product is distinguishable by the bi-color cap option that has been achieved using Giflor’s innovative bi-injection technology. The Just Colors Eco Low Profile cap perfectly marries together sustainable advancements with visual impact, showing you do not need to compromise your creativity or the environment to have a stand-out product on the shelf.

Product Features:

  • Compact design
  • Made with 50% less plastic
  • Significantly lower energy consumption in production
  • Reduced height of the cap
  • Overall packaging reduction
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Increased pack out by 25%
  • Bi-color options
  • Available in green materials
  • Patented design
  • Distinctive 'Made in Italy' look

The Just Colors Eco Low Profile (ELP) art. 872 cap for tubes Ø50mm.
Suitable for industries such as cosmetics, personal care, pet care, food, OTC, baby care and sun care.
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