Performance meets sustainability with Giflor’s SQUEASYT™ and its eco valve

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Can a better performance be achieved while remaining sustainable? This is the goal Giflor Closure Technologies pursues every day and the inspiration that led our R&D department to design the exclusive SQUEASYT™ (art. 730).

SQUEASYT™ is a cylindrical flip-top cap with a 38/400 neck, equipped with a special eco valve made of TPE - an elastomeric material - that provides the end user a perfect control of the dispensing flow, allowing them to easily and accurately dose liquid and viscous products of all kinds, without leaks, drips, or spills.

The exclusive dosing system of SQUEASYT™ is not only a gem in terms of technology and functionality, it also effectively contributes to transition towards a greener, circular economy. In fact, the TPE valve is 100% recyclable and doesn’t need to be separated from any other parts of the closure to be properly disposed of, thus making the whole recycling process easier and faster.

Ideal for top-down use (e.g., with tottles), SQUEASYT™ can be combined with a liner and is now widely used in a variety of industries, from personal care to food and health care. In addition to its perfect dosage and reduced environmental impact, consumers appreciate this closure for the pleasant tactile experience it is able to convey, thanks to its elegant matte finish.

Performance, sustainability, sensoriality: these are the features that make SQUEASYT™ one of Giflor's most sought-after solutions by partners around the world.

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