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Innovative design visions for cosmetic tubes – a new partnership between Neopac and HCT

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Neopac, the Swiss-based provider and inventor of high barrier Polyfoil® tubes has recently announced its co-operation with HCT for their patented cool tips in Europe and the United States. Neopac has also expanded its range for the Polaris product line, paving the way for new design options to meet the requirements of cosmetics manufacturers. Polaris perfectly combines form and function. 

Neopac Polyfoil® tubes Polaris with cool tip applicators offer a maximum of aesthetic and convenience. The cool tip combines the cool touch of the high glossy coated metal tips associated with the ergonomic shapes to provide the ultimate beauty gesture. Whilst the cool tips are pleasing to the eye, the Polyfoil® tube provides reliable protection against numerous external influences such as light and oxygen. It may be embossed, hot-stamped or finished with high-quality printing all-around and competed with a variety of possible caps.

Polaris will be an excellent primary packaging for rich creams and serums, which are produced to treat fragile skin zones. The cool touch sensation of the tip combined with the rich formulas increases efficacy on the skin. This will help to repair and reduce lines, swelling, and even blemishes on fragile zones around the eyes and lips. Products are evenly applied and massaged into the skin with the cool tip. A variety of formulas work with the cool tips, such as serums, concealers, creams or lip glosses.

HCT has been one of the leaders for innovative packaging solutions since 1992. Today they provide global turnkey beauty solutions produced in a variety of countries and sites. HCT is known for their colour cosmetic packaging, and after winning numerous industry packaging awards HCT is concentrating on an innovative approach to skincare, by creating ergonomic patented applicators. The group consists of 6 manufacturing sites in China and 6 sales offices in major capitals of the world. The integrated design and engineering teams supply the leaders in the beauty world.

Neopac is a subsidiary of the Hoffmann Neopac Group domiciled in Thun, Switzerland. Its core business is the manufacture of high-barrier tubes for the pharma, dental and high-end cosmetic industries. The properties of Neopac Polyfoil® tubes provide a strong barrier against light, moisture, oxygen, and organic and chemical substances, resistance to corrosion and high aesthetics due to all-around printing.
Hoffmann Neopac also owns the Hoffmann company in Thun/Switzerland and the Tu-Plast company in Debrecen, Hungary.  Hoffmann in Thun produces pocket packs and tins out of metal and metal with plastic dispensers for the confectionery, tobacco, cosmetics and food industries, Tu-Plast in Debrecen produces plastic tubes. Hoffmann Neopac employs over 600 people. Roughly 85% of production is exported, in particular to European customers but also the USA, Japan and China. In the USA and South Korea the company works with partners holding Hoffmann Neopac production licences.

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Kiehl's, a brand owned by L'Oréal Paris, has also launched a customizable skincare range in the U.S., called "Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations". For highly concentrated formulas like Kiehl's, which contains hydrocarbons, child-resistant packaging is required in the U.S. For this reason and because of its strong barrier as well as its ergonomic nozzle, Kiehl's opted for Hoffmann Neopac's 13.5mm diameter Polyfoil® nozzle tube with child-resistant closure.

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