HOFFMANN The Tin creates high quality metal packaging for a variety of sectors.

About Hoffmann Neopac AG

Neopac was founded in 1900, over 100 years ago, in Switzerland. The Flury Brothers from Biel created the “Helvetia” pen factory in Oberdiessbach. Business did not develop according to plan so Aktiengesellschaft Union, a tin packaging company, was opened on the same plot of land. AG Union, a metal-processing company for cans and cases, was the actual predecessor of today’s Neopac.

DAG Union witnessed direct competition at that time from Hoffmann & Co. in nearby Thun. This company also manufactured tin packaging. The Hoffmann Brothers acquired AG Union in 1934. In early 1950, the company started to manufacture plastic tubes and bottles so as not to rely too much on tin, which was in increasingly short supply. The sales company, Neopac, was founded in 1954 by engineer Arthur Hoffmann. He managed the company until 1993. The merger between AG Union and Neopac took place in 1982 and Neopac AG was created.

Since 1998, Neopac has been part of Hoffmann Neopac AG, a Swiss family-run business with over 100 years of tradition. We protect what keeps healthy and beautiful. We adopt the same philosophy for our customers’ products, in the way we handle resources and by collaborating with our expert staff.

We lead the way in the development and production of 1 to 300-ml Polyfoil® barrier tubes – an in-house patented invention for the protection of high-quality products. This technology was our best kept secret for a long time. Meanwhile, competitors have produced imitations of our products, but we have held on to our lead thanks to high-quality products, many years of experience and on-going innovation.

At Neopac, every new production line is set up in its own air-conditioned clean room in a safe location in Switzerland. The manufacturing process is without compromise, precise and hygienic. In this way we can be certain that every protective packaging only contains what it should. This is guaranteed amongst other things by materials that comply with regulatory requirements and process quality certificates.

About Hoffmann

HOFFMANN's core business is the manufacture of pocket packs in metal or metal and plastic for the tobacco, confectionery, food and non-food industries.

A metal pack from HOFFMANN communicates quality and exclusivity, puts your product centre-stage at the point of sale (POS) and makes it unique.