Holfeld Plastics

Holfeld Plastics

Manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging specializing in sustainable and innovative solutions.

Sustainable Packaging that won’t cost the Earth.

The primary focus of the Holfeld team is to offer innovative packaging products and solutions to our customers through the exploitation of an agile manufacturing operation, combined with the skills of a front line customer service team dedicated to satisfying the needs of our customers. 

We enable our customers to meet their environmental commitments with high recycled content and low carbon footprint products.

The team has successfully implemented an ‘innovation pipe-line’ through the application of emerging technologies into our core business activities, allowing our customers gain competitive advantages and sustainable growth in market share.


The Holfeld team is deeply committed to supplying high quality, innovative packaging that is designed to specifically meet the requirements of our valued customers. We specialise in delivering products that are designed to perform successfully in a wide range of automated processing environments.

Holfeld Plastics was established in 1978, initially supplying foam packaging to the cosmetics industry. During the intervening decades, we have grown to become one of the leading Rigid Plastics Packaging Manufacturers in the European market.

The company currently supplies Bespoke Formings as well as an extensive range of standard trays and containers to customers throughout Europe in rPET & PP in both Food and Non Food Sectors. Holfeld Plastics employs 120 people at its premises in the Vale of Avoca in Co. Wicklow. We deal with some of the most respected of household names within the U.K., Ireland and Europe, including Marks & Spencer, Moypark, Cargill Meats, Versatile, New England Seafoods, Cavaghan & Gray and many others.