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    IIC AG

    IIC AG

    IIC is a leading European supplier of sustainable food packaging, developing unique, technologicaly-advanced injection moulded, thermoformed and cardboard packaging for the food sector.

    IIC Packaging develops unique sustainable, injection-moulded deep-drawn and cardboard packaging for all important sectors of the food industry.

    IIC has been supplying its high-quality packaging to brands around the globe for 25 years.

    Through unique ideas in product development, the use of different materials and the production of packaging with state-of-the-art production facilities which characterize and distinguish it, IIC individual packaging solutions are tailored exactly to each and every customers' needs. The company has a wide range of high-quality standard packaging, especially for the ice-cream, delicatessen, dairy and confectionery sectors.

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    IIC's packaging is designed to protect your product whilst also supporting the circular economy by being 100% recyclable and reusable.

    The company uses sustainable materials and optimizes the design to reduce weight and transport overheads, and therefore carbon emissions.

    'Through continuously improving processes, and the reduced use of resources, we drive forward with innovation in the development of the highest quality food packaging.'

    Modern technology ensures innovative and efficient production processes which minimise the use of resources, guaranteeing creative and clever solutions to solve customers' packaging problems.