IPack - Innovation Packaging

IPack - Innovation Packaging

We specialize in the upscale appearance of parts and specific spraying systems.

IPack, specialized in plastic injection (all materials), can respond to all sorts of requests for the design, development, and manufacture of plastic parts for perfumes and cosmetics.

What we do

We design plastic parts, plugs, trims, spray systems, and spray-caps. Since 2003, we have created a plastic injection workshop which we completed along with an assembly workshop. Our machine facilities are equipped with 15 presses from 25 to 300 tonnes, equipped with dual arm robot manipulators and an assembly workshop equipped with automatic, semi-automatic, and manual UV bonding.

Our brands

We maintain professional relationships with Hermès, L'Oreal, Parfums Azzaro, Paul Smith, ST Dupont, Burberry, Porsche Design, L'Occitane, and many more.

Our method

We create technical studies from a sketch or a model or sometimes even a simple concept proposed by the designers of the brand. The technicians design plans in 3D, then develop a prototype which they use to test the functionality and different mechanical characteristics, closely associated with the quality service. We provide development, production of various plastic parts, assembly of spray systems, or complex assemblies.


Currently, we are working on:

  • A self-filling product project for Micromégas, with our partner ABN Concept (patented)
  • The 'clean and convenient' Sirmi flip top (patented)
  • A permanent magnetization system, injected with a ferrite (patented)