KKP cares for your hair with Haircare Series

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Over the years, KKP has also served other industry sectors apart from skincare. The company also caters to the Hair Care market with thoughtfully designed and practical haircare series.

This Haircare Series includes a set of 4 bottles with different shapes and capacities, meaning they can be used for a number of haircare functions.

The sharp pointed classic shapes were inspired by Gaudi’s architectural masterpiece “the Sagrada Familia”, so when the series sits as a group, the formation is still attractive and striking.  

Apart from adding to the eye-catching design, these sharp caps hold an essential function. For haircare, one must first take care of the hair follicles.  The sharp cap nozzle may help you achieve this by conveniently and accurately dripping the essence onto the scalp.  Once the hair follicles are cared for, the hair will naturally become healthier too.

For easier squeezing the haircare set has been created to mainly use soft PE material, with some bottles even designed with a flat bottle shape. The materials and bottle shapes complement each other to enhance the sense of control during squeezing, making for a more comfortable experience for the end user.

See The Hair Care Series in the catalog or contact KKP for more details

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