KKP's Self-Loading Dropper- Elegant and Automatic

  • K.K. Plastic Factory Limited

During the design of this dropper, KKP carefully considered every detail, aiming to optimize the user process while maintaining a stylish look.

The Self-Loading Dropper automatically loads the product as you screw open the bottle. This eliminates the conventional step of manually filling the pipette, therefore streamlining the process.

Structural design

KKP’s self-loading dropper adopts a purely mechanical structure as the button elegantly rises up in a smooth linear motion. Unlike the traditional droppers on the market, KKP hides a rubber bulb internally, which causes the button to pop up instantly!

Fixed Dosage

Due to the reliable, precise and stable linear loading mechanism, a fixed dose can be drawn every time. This is advantageous for brand owners as they can customize their skincare treatments and scientifically improve its effectiveness based on the specified dosage measurements.  

High-Quality Perception

Brand owners can also browse through a collection of thick & heavy glass-like bottles in various shapes, colors and capacities, to find the design that best fits their brands' needs.

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