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Kornelis offers amazing new liner technology where product freshness and consumer safety are paramount. Thanks to the company's advanced manufacturing techniques, the liners not only offer consumers tamper evidence, they also allow companies to use less materials more quickly, saving both time and money.

Coffee, for example, requires an aroma barrier, the ability to be re-closed, and tamper evidence. The' solution consists of a tagger with cardboard or plastic backing with aluminium foil to be placed on the jar with induction sealing or alternative adhesives. The film remains on the jar after opening, and the backing of the tagger remains in the cap providing excellent reclosability, also used for viscous food products that require a more robust solution.

To ensure tamper evidence for products like creamer, peanut butter, or chocolate paste, Kornelis solution is a surface film is glued to the jar. When opened, the foil remains on the jar. Companies also have the option of using a laminate for glass or PET so that the film will easily glue to the neck of the jar. Further, a second solution might include a top label which will break by simply being opened to indicate tampering.

Sauces and other hot fill products are better off using an induction lining, a laminated tagger with a cardboard or plastic backing, aluminium foil, and an induction layer. These come with a pull-tab option for easy opening. Double wadding offers an interesting option, where an additional liner in PE is included so that after the removal of the induction liner, the product can be resealed.

Lastly, herbs and spices should exploit pressure sensitive liners. On a PE foam base an adhesive layer clings to the inlay affixed to the jar, without induction or using glue, perfect for dry products that only require first use indication.

Using contemporary materials and production techniques, Kornelis ensures consumers receive the best experience possible thanks to something as simple as a liner!

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