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Closures need to close things. When consumers encounter a product that doesn't do what it should, they tend not to repeat the purchase. This is why Kornelis has perfected the sealing capabilities of its closures, to ensure consumers get the best experience possible. Essential in a lid or cap is the choice of a well-fitting thread, which must be tailored to the jar or bottle. On the market there are two basic thread systems to choose from, the twist off or the continuous thread.

Standard twist off closures for glass or PET containers feature quick, short opening and closing strokes and are normally used on cans or jars. Kornelis' closures are designed to seal perfectly with very little effort and virtually no chance of skipping the thread. Continuous thread closures, on the other hand, require one or more full rotations to open or close. Kornelis' closures actually extend product freshness after being opened thanks to the seal provided and the security added by including a better thread.

Regardless of the method selected, Kornelis' threads are always fully adapted to standard market glass or PET to ensure an excellent seal. Further, the firm has developed the unique LinkLok thread, which provides perfect centring and an incredibly secure fit. LinkLok items feature a special thread profile with an extra step to link perfectly with the thread profile of the jar. It centers the cap on the jar, and provides extra security during transport.

To ensure companies select the best option for products , Kornelis also offers a variety of complementary liners as well as the option to bore seal items to ensure a 100% leakproof finish. Kornelis' attention to sealing technology means consumers get the best experience possible.

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